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Dr. Rebecca M. Jones

Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

STEM Accelerator, College of Science

George Mason University

Picked Red Apples


Book Pages


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Open Office Hours

Thursdays 1-3pm by calendly (see URL in syllabus and outside office)
Planetary Hall 319 or via Zoom

Fall 2023 Classes

Chem 446: Bioinorganic Chemistry

Spring 2024 Classes

Chem 460: Chemistry in the Kitchen (Capstone)
Chem 490: Senior Seminar

Citrus Fruits

Dr. Jones's Blog

Newly added in July 2023, you can read posts about recent projects, classes, and research here. 


Complete this form to connect with Dr. Jones. Messages regarding teaching, published work, collaboration opportunities, or office hours are welcome. 

Thank you!

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