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My approach toward teaching begins with asking questions and stimulating independent critical thinking. I aim to extend each student’s confidence in his/her own ability to solve abstract problems. I encourage students to be bold rather than fearful in their approach. I further the advancement of problem solving skills by demonstrating how to think about a chemistry and walking through the steps required to reach understanding. In serving as a personal learning example, I strive to be knowledgeable, skilled, as well as humble. I create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students. I bring my compassion and creativity to every class. 


General Chemistry I and II

Chem 211 and 212

Taught as needed

General Chemistry for Engineers

Chem 271

Taught as needed

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Chem 446

Fall semesters, annually

Chemistry in the Kitchen

Chem 460

Spring semesters, annually

Senior Seminar

Chem 490

Spring semesters, even years

Graduate Bioinorganic Chemistry

Chem 646

Spring semesters, odd years

Chemical Infographics

Scientific communication for the 21st century

Dr. Jones includes a creative semester-long infographic project in her chemistry courses. Once upon a chemist was an infographic assignment first used in Spring 2019. At the beginning of the semester, students selected a chemist from a provided list and created a visual story about his/her contribution to chemistry. The Periodic Table Project was a celebration of the 150th anniversary of the periodic table in 2019. A little bit of history, a little bit graphic design, this assignment aimed to help students learn that chemists are real people who have amazing ideas. The Bioinorganic Infographic Project and Elements in Engineering are other versions of this unique learning opportunity. Below are a selection of student infographics from past classes.

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