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If you're reading this, you've found the place in the vast and wild internet where I write about current classes, research projects, and other general ramblings about my life as a Professor. You are welcome here. 

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Peer review is a powerful paradigm for teaching and learning. On November 22, 2022, I gave a presentation about how I've used peer review in various settings to the VIPEr-IONiC community in SLiThEr #41. You can listen to the talk and discussion here.

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  • Writer's pictureDr. Rebecca Jones

This past spring semester, I taught Chemistry 460: Chemistry in the Kitchen for the first time. This class was just an idea in January 2022. With a lot of creative effort, coordination with Nutrition, and lots of planning, the course came to life a year later! My colleague in the College of Science, Laura Powers, wrote this terrific story about the class and you can read it here:

Photos by Evan Cantwell, George Mason University Creative Services


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